The Design of Business...

Roger Martin has inspired me in many ways.  He has made design make sense to business while design was struggling to both amplify its importance and awkwardly integrate itself into well established corporate planning and development processes.

Martin has spent time with the princes of corporations and design consultancies, and has synthesized their wisdom with his own experience and brilliant insights. As such this is a great book for an executive who aspires to be a champion of design, and a better design-thinker.  

As a design practitioner; I want more. The many truths of this book can mask the reality of where great design really gets delivered. The brutal truth is that design excellence is often stifled in the middle...where reliability and validity become hand to hand combat between design, engineering, manufacturing, marketing, and finance. 

Validity air-cover is essential, but not always enough.

I may be wishing for more than this book aimed to capture...but there is more work to be done to ensure that the art & science of delivering design excellence - down to the last detail - is not overlooked or underestimated by disciples of design-thinking.  This book would be perfect with such a disclaimer.

I pay homage to Roger Martin as he has established a beach head for design impact, and has called out the stale patterns of should-versus-could thinking.  It's up to design professionals to write, or create the sequel.

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