IDSA Innovation Intro - Summer 2010

Interactive Irony
As digital and interactive channels have become more mainstream, print media has been experiencing a lot of pressure. The sensual aspects of print are rich enough that many believe it will never go away. Meanwhile, every day digital media gets closer to replicating many aspects of that physical, three-dimensional experience and touts many advantages, such as low-friction distribution, social interaction and commentary.
When tackling the topic of interactive experiences for this issue, it did not take long for the irony of the interactive limitations of this magazine to become obvious. This revelation points to another friction point, which the IDSA staff and many volunteers have been working hard to address: How to continue to evolve the content that members value so highly while bringing it in-line with the expectations that information must be online, available everywhere, interactive and broadly contributed to. With the imminent launch of the new IDSA web site, we will see a positive step toward a platform upon which members can contribute digital content and communication around this content.
In the mean time, I couldn’t let this issue go to print without addressingInnovation’s interactive irony. We have set up a commenting site called www.papercomment.com. There you will find the titles of our theme articles and can comment and converse as if it were an online magazine.
If you want to comment while mobile, download Microsoft’s tag reader software (from www.gettag.mobi) and scan the code above; you’ll be taken right to papercomment. Don Carr, IDSA, our guest editor has curated an excellent collection of contributors and topics related to designing interactive experiences.
It is an area that is vast and diverse as well as rooted in the origins of industrial design thinking. If your mind snaps to computer screens when you hear the term “interaction design,” then this issue will expose how pervasive the principles, thinking and processes are and how they apply across physical, digital, environmental and service domains.
I’m looking forward to hearing your comments as we make Innovation interactive in a new way. At least for now you don’t have to turn it off during takeoff and landing.
Alistair Hamilton, IDSA
Innovation Executive Editor
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